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Hi there.


I’m Xiaoyuan (pronounced "sh-ih-ow yoo-aan"), a UX designer with a background in journalism.

Before pivoting to UX, I was a journalist in New York City and the Washington D.C. Metro area, covering politics, public policies, and the story of Asian Americans. During this journey, I’ve equipped myself with a strong empathy for people, the ability to morph into whatever I need to be in a given situation, and distill complex problems into easy-to-understand solutions under tight deadlines.

As with journalists pushing for answers, I, as a UX designer, fight for users; As with journalists listening to diverse voices for unbiased reports, I, as a UX designer, value feedback and inputs from different stakeholders; As with journalists learning quickly to work across various domains, I, as a UX designer, thrive on learning new things and adapting to the ever-changing world.

Design has always been my thing. I enjoy thinking about a product from the user perspective and figuring out the rationales behind different interactions. I want to leverage my multidisciplinary, multicultural, and multi-stakeholder experiences and skills to empower people by making things a lot easier for them.

When I'm not designing, you may find me drawing on my iPad, singing Rock 'n' Roll with my guitar, reading another awesome UX book, or just taking portraits and fun videos of my doggy Dodo.

Life in the moment

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